Fighting. Evolved.

RAGE: Battleground Chronicles is an anime fighting game that blends adrenaline-pumping combat with an intricate, character-driven narrative. With each victory, players unlock new cyber-enhancements, unravel deeper layers of the story, and shape the destiny of Aria and her allies in a future where rage is not just a weapon but the key to redemption and revolution. Will you join the fight and rewrite the future of this dark, cyberpunk world?

Our mission

Co-Developed with Somndus Studios, we want rage to be a smooth and welcoming introduction to players who are coming into the FGC Community, With comprehensive guides, Multiplayer that doesn't overwhelm, we feel like RAGE can fit this shoe, and bring more players into this loving community of gamers.

This isn't your average fighter.

Character Selection and Customization: At the heart of RAGE is the opportunity for players to choose from a diverse roster of fighters, each with unique cyber-enhancements and fighting styles. Players can customize their chosen character's appearance, abilities, and cybernetic upgrades, creating a fighter that suits their playstyle.

Over-the-Top Anime Combat: Battles in RAGE are a spectacle of high-octane, anime-inspired combat. Drawing influence from Dragon Ball FighterZ, players can unleash devastating special moves, execute cinematic combos, and harness the power of cybernetic enhancements to engage in fierce clashes with their opponents.

Strategic Depth: Like Street Fighter, RAGE emphasizes precision and strategy in combat. Players must master the unique move sets and abilities of their chosen character, utilizing intricate combos and counters to outmaneuver their opponents. Timing and positioning are critical, creating a skill-based experience.

Story-Driven Narrative: Beyond the battles, RAGE weaves a compelling narrative influenced by cyberpunk themes and corporate intrigue. Players uncover Aria's mysterious past, forge alliances, and confront the powerful mega-corporations that rule the world. Choices made in dialogue and actions affect the storyline and character relationships, adding depth to the experience.

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