WD Studios New Look

A Actual Viewable Website!


Mikael Aboagye - WD Studios L.L.C.

10/10/20231 min read


Now, your most likely here, because your wondering where did our old website: watchdogsllc.org go?

Well, we still have it, but it wont be that way for long, as the studio has made a domain/website change, and that gave us the chance to get a new website!

Trust me, this was long overdue and I'm happy that our studio's website is presentable, and is something that we would want to show to other companies, and other people as well.

For now, Enjoy the new website, and keep a eye out for updates on our two in development projects, RAGE: Battleground Chronicles, and Route Nine!

See you,

Mikael Aboagye - WD Studios L.L.C.